Since 1998 Auto Line has provided North American Auto Dealers with cars, trucks, and SUV’s.  Every year we acquire, fully recondition, and deliver over 1400 used vehicles to dealers all over North America.  We are an elite group of AMVIC Registered Auto Brokers that work out of our office in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.  We source out dealer surpluses and relocate that inventory to a market where there is a shortage.  We buy from dealers, dealer auctions, and fleet & lease companies.

Each unit we purchase for our ever growing list of clients is brought back to our office here in Edmonton.  Each unit is undergoes a thorough mechanical road test and inspection and is then put through our elite reconditioning center, where it is completely detailed by our expert staff.  We then deliver your Front-Line-Ready inventory right to your door; all in 2-3 weeks of placing your order.  We completely eliminate the risks – excessive reconditioning costs, damage, and repairs.  We quote a price and that’s all you pay, regardless of how much we spend!

  • AMVIC Certified Auto Brokers working North American wide to find desirable used vehicles.
  • Luxury, work, or commercial.
  • We have sold over 13,000 vehicles across North America since 1998.
  • All of us have worked in dealerships as Used Car Managers so we know the challenges you face.
  • Knowledge of values for all types of vehicles; we see vehicles daily that you may only see once per year.
  • Latest software helps us evaluate vehicle values - Black Book, Adesa Manheim Auction Reports, and PC Carbook
  • Knowledgeable about inventory that’s not suitable for our dealers.
    1. No Hits
    2. No Floods
    3. No Altered Spedometers
  • Our experience; over 110 years of combined car experience.
  • Experienced professional buyers, we work with in the US.